At Stainless, we are focused on building a pro-active company with a fresh outlook towards ventilation. We will adapt our core values to ensure our staff, clients and colleagues work together to ensure the highest possible standards. Stainless D.S. Ltd. is a modern company with a fresh approach to duct cleaning within the commercial ventilation sector. We have the capacity to actually take apart any system, clean it, then put it all back together as good as new. Whatever the application, we have the knowledge to find the right solution to our customers problems or difficulties regarding installations, repairs, maintenance and cleaning.


Our mission at Stainless, is to provide each of our clients with the most safe, effective and practical solutions possible whilst considering the need to promote best practice in regard to conforming with regulatory requirements and promoting health, hygiene and welfare.

Our vision is a modern company with a new approach to standards in an industry which has been held back too often by profit orientated companies with little regard for their clients welfare. We are proud of what we have created and believe there is no limit to what we can achieve as a company.

Duct Cleaning

Make Stainless DS your first call for duct cleaning. The only one.

Duct Cleaning Newcastle, Northampton or Newmarket. Wherever you may be, we are the right company for you. In fact, we really are a modern company with a fresh approach to duct cleaning within the commercial ventilation sector. That gives us the capacity to clean, repair and install ventilation. Subsequently, our recommendations keep you up to date with regulations. We cover all areas of the North of England and Scotland and Wales.

Contractor selection, Why choose us?

Firstly at Stainless you can be sure that you have selected the right company for your needs.

Furthermore Stainless is fully insured up to £10 million public liability policy.

In fact, our company has the correct business affiliations with memberships to BESA and Peninsula Business Services.

Competent and qualified employees who are organised, well trained and have numerous years of experience behind them.

Carefully planning and organising your duct cleaning.

In addition, our dedicated staff will manage your project.

We can continue to maintain those levels of service so your systems are safeguarded for your peace of mind.

You are safe in the knowledge that your ventilation systems will not let you down during busy service periods.

Have you kitchen extract systems or fresh air supply systems or maybe even something completely different?

Rest assured that we have the experience to find the solution to keep your ventilation systems running perfectly.

Just the way they were when they were first installed and commissioned.

Providing services to over 200 customers and the list is growing fast, along with our reputation!

Based in the North East we currently have clients throughout the U.K.

Essentially, for a site survey, free quote or just a chat about what we could do for you, give us a call or drop us a line.

Duct cleaning Newcastle by Stainless DS.

Remember – Clean, Repair, Install – We do it all!


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